Melasti beach is a beautiful white sand beach with a huge gallant cliff and overlooking to Indian Ocean. These beach stated as the most southern point of Bali Island, therefore such a great place to enjoy “Sunrise & Sunset” in the same place.

The beach also known as the place of Melasti every single year before Nyepi Ceremony by the local people and also as tourist attraction to enjoy the unique local culture.

On the north side you will find a scared Hindus temple called Melasti temple, as one of the importance place for local people while held their religious ceremony.

These place also completely has the high standard of the facility such as clean toilet, shower, large parking area, also has many cool beach club that can completing your holiday here.

It’s easy place to reach from the main road. Melasti beach become a favorite place for taking a photo due to the place is so iconic and Instagramable, many visitor create their own pre-wedding season here. Lets make your own itinerary and don’t forget contact us for your well arrangement!

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