Bali’s Gate of Heaven: Lempuyang Temple

In the east of Bali, there stands a magnificent gate that has become a popular spot among tourists all over the world, thanks to the view and atmosphere it provides. Aligned perfectly across the mighty Mount Agung from afar, the spot that has been known widely as the Gate of Heaven, can be found within Lempuyang Temple.

A Window to East Bali’s Wonders

One of the highest temples in Bali, Lempuyang Temple is a sacred Hindu temple standing among the lush hills of Karangasem. The soothing surroundings and the picturesque Gate of Heaven, combined with the breezy atmosphere of the hilly area, has made the temple a favored destination worth a visit during your stay in The Island of Gods.

The name of the temple itself is believed to be taken from the words “lempu” and “hyang”. “Lempu” means light, while “hyang” is a designation for God. Therefore, Lempuyang Temple means a God that shines a bright light. The name is very fitting since the temple is located on the east of the island where the sun can be seen rising in the morning beautifully right through the Gate of Heaven.

at Penataran Agung of Lempuyang Temple

There are three levels in Lempuyang Temple. The first level can be visited by tourists, while the rest are reserved for praying. The temple also consists of seven complexes, each having a different charm.


Unwind to the Serenity of Tirta Gangga

Eastern Elegance

Around Lempuyang Temple, you can also encounter many other stunning landmarks. Look no further than the gorgeous Tirta Gangga. Located to the southwest, Tirta Gangga is a garden featuring a pool full of koi fish where numerous intricate statues can be seen standing gracefully above it. Taken from the famous Ganges River in India, the name was chosen as a form of respect for the Hindu community across the world. It was built in 1946 by Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem Agung; the king of Karangasem Kingdom at the time.


Catching a Marvelous Sunrise at Lahangan Sweet

Lahangan Sweet

To the north of Lempuyang Temple, you can find another spot that has become a favored destination for a lot of tourists. Providing an expansive view, Lahangan Sweet is a small viewpoint that sits atop a tall big tree in Bunutan Village. Catching sunrise from this viewpoint will be a moment that you will cherish forever, as the forefront of cloud-flocked Mount Agung makes the sight even more breathtaking.



There are two ways you can reach Lempuyang Temple. From Denpasar, you can stick to Jl. Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra and make your way passing Keramas Beach, Bali Safari & Marine Park, Bias Tugel Beach, and Candidasa Beach, until you have reached Amlapura City. Here, you’ll find the temple in the north of the city, sitting on the eastern slope of Mount Lempuyang.

Alternatively, you can also reach Amlapura City by passing through a town called Semarapura in Klungkung Regency once you’ve passed Keramas Beach instead. From Semarapura, you can take Jl. Raya Besakih then turn east to make your way through Selat District as well as Bebandem District.

Usually, it takes about 2 hours of travel or even more depending on the traffic. Once you’ve reached the temple’s parking lot, you still have to continue the journey by walking for about 5 to 10 minutes before entering the temple. Ojek (motorbike ride service) is available around here if you’d like to reach the temple faster. Bali’s Gate of Heaven: Lempuyang Temple

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