Denpasar is located in the central of Bali and some of the biggest historical Kingdom in Bali is located in Denpasar. Therefore the local government arrange the heritage site tour namely “City Tour Of Denpasar” and feel the real authenticity. The tour will start from Badung Traditional Market, one of the central markets In Denpasar and Bali Province.

feel the sensational as a buyer for the local product. Jagatnatha temple one of the most visited Hindu public temples, then we will visit Bali Museum that located beside Jaganatha Temple.

Bali Museum is one of the important places in Bali due to all of the prehistoric object collection is kept there such as sarcophagi, historical statues. Endek Cloth and also a lot of Balinese religious ceremony equipment, keris (local weapon). Bali museum was built with the main purpose to preserved Balinese local wisdom and keep the sustainable. The last destination is Bajra Sandi Monument. That is located in front of the Bali Governor Office. Bajra Sandi Monument is a monument of the Balinese people’s struggle. This monument is called “Bajra Sandhi” due to the shape of this monument is looking like Bajra or Genta or bell. Genta or Bajra is commonly used by the Hindu priest in the reading of Weda Holy sentences (mantra) during Hindu ceremonies in Bali. The visitor will see the Balinese people struggle on the diorama.